Testimonials ForNick & Megan Granelli

Weimar Listing

Based on a referral, I contacted Nick Granelli with Keller Williams to sell our home and acreage in Weimar, TX.

I had been contracted with the largest, most established Realty Group operating within our area, as well as many of the surrounding counties.  However, with more than a year of activity on the books, I experienced very little progress.  In addition, communication was not their strong suit.  Frustrated and no longer under contract I began thinking of other possible alternatives.

Nick, although based near Austin over 200 miles away, seemed extremely interested in assisting me with the sale of my home and property.  From our very first conversation Nick came across as caring, with a high degree of energy, and extremely professional.  Nick and I met at our property, discussed the best desired outcome, terms to such, and an estimated timeframe.  Nick secured and coordinated a highly skilled photographer who took multiple photos of the home (inside and out), exterior dwellings, land, gated entrance, and pond.  In addition Nick prepared an excellent written overview which spoke to the particulars of our property.  His expertise presented our property in the best possible light.

I must say I felt from the get go, Nick was the right person to sell our home.  I quickly saw firsthand, his eagerness to please, complimented by his high level of energy, professionalism, and excellent communication, through with written correspondence as well as numerous telephone calls and texts.  Property showings with prospective clients began happening almost immediately.  This was quite a refreshing change from what I had experienced prior to contacting Nick at Keller Williams.  Nick’s hard work and personal attributes made the difference – my home sold in 60 days.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  All has been a blessing. . . I highly recommend Nick Granelli.